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Hello. Our hotel has been present for over 17 years. We make the best for all our customers.

Karisimbi Hotel was founded in the year 2001 by Mr Alexis Vuningoma who was inspired by his vast experience of over 37 years within the hospitality industry. The lack of affordable accommodation, hotel rooms and a restaurant service at the time also turned out to be a pushing force that led Mr Vuningoma invest into this successful venture. The investment has ever since been an opportunity which has made the founder never look back.

Our illustrious chateaubriand restaurant is famous for fine dining for formal and corporate diners; together with our catering team which is one of the best in the country with a capacity to serve over 2,000 delegates a day. This makes us stand out within the hospitality industry. Our extensive experience within the industry as Hotel Karisimbi is known for both local and international cuisines.

With the Mission to offer a friendly home away from home environment that suits everyone’s budget and a vision to provide affordable and easily accessible accommodation and restaurant services – complimented by a friendly smile and superior customer care; this 3-star hotel has achieved their milestone being known as the Leading outside catering service provider in Rwanda and receiving an award for their great customer service care.

Mr Alexis believes in Hard work and values honesty to the core. No wonder his guests have always left a positive feedback on the customer service they received during their visits at Karisimbi Hotel. His positive attitude rubs off on this highly skilled and motivated workforce that have adopted his values and made it their way to work.

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